France Design Éducation is a non-profit entity made up of Design schools aimed at promoting Design and the Applied Arts, in all their diversity in terms of training, design, innovation and research.

Its signature – and strength – bring together the different founding and governing establishments, including the Ministries of National Éducation, Culture and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and private businesses.

Its objectives include:

  • representing the diversity, strength and performance of Design training in France and promoting its reach abroad;
  • fostering a breeding ground for exchanges between faculty members and students from various schools;
  • enabling professionals and companies the opportunity wherein to connect in an effort to further align training curricula with the demands and expectations of Design practice; and
  • encouraging cross-sector exchanges on the teachings across all disciplines impacted by the experimental nature of the uses and creative process inherent in Design’s approach.
Association française d’écoles de design

France Design Éducation is committed to offering ever-evolving, quality trainings, as well as helping to align degree programs and champion their recognition both in France and abroad. France Design Éducation is also taking a closer look from a "Design-driven angle" at the profound changes in the teaching field by comparing the experiences pooled from each of the institutions.

Manifesto, founder of France Design Éducation

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